Royce Custom will build your project from Plans we provide from our in-house architect, or Plans that you present to us from your own architect. We have our own build team ready to go including Master Plumber & Master Electrician. All work is done strictly TO CODE and we are onsite to supervise and meet with Inspectors to ensure that your project is built with the highest level of workmanship and materials.
For clients who have the ability and/or desire to contract their own project, Royce Custom will prepare a Project Guide outlining the materials, trades, and approximate costs of the entire project…in detail. Royce Custom also offers Site Mgmt to inspect the work done and meet with Bldg Inspectors as needed.
Royce Custom will provide a detailed set of construction plans, approved & stamped by an architect, ready to be submitted to the Building Dept. This includes preliminary drawings and revisions with no additional charges until the plans have been approved by you and stamped[by our architect] for submission.
As of September 1, 2016, ALL NYC build permits (either new or renewals) require the signature of a Registered Construction Superintendent (“CS”). Joel Nuss, the President of Royce Custom Homes, is a NYC DOB Registered Construction Superintendent and can provide site safety requirements for 1, 2 & 3 Family Residential projects, as well as Commercial Projects up to 14 Stories tall.

One size does NOT fit all.

Construction projects are expensive and they most often involve one of the largest investments you’ll ever make…you home!  That investment needs to be protected, so choosing the right contractor is
the most important decision you will make. I think more important than the architect!
The GC you pick will be someone who has the following qualities…
  • you Trust him or her with your home
  • you consider them very knowledgable about construction
  • he or she clearly understands your goals
  • they make positive suggestions to improve your project
  • they can handle Bldg Dept and Zoning Board compliance issues
  • he or she is familiar with Plumbing & Electrical codes
And you need to know the actual costs!  Not just an estimate but a real number that you can count on.  That's where Royce Custom is the leader.  We'll give you an actual end cost in writing with a very detailed proposal… right down to the door knobs.  There is no guess work, just homework.
And you’ll have it in days, not weeks, with no commitments or obligations.
That’s just good customer service because we want your business and we’re willing to earn it. I don’t mind if you show it to other contractors. In fact I encourage it!
We're proud of our work and our prices so feel free to use our proposal as a standard for others to meet.  We don’t enter into an agreement until we both have a very clear picture of what needs to accomplished and how it will be done.


Who gets the work done…

Royce Custom Homes has its own team in place. We don’t pick up day workers or shop for sub-contractors at the lowest bid. We have an in-house group of professional people who are highly skilled and specialized at what they do. Every person on our job site is well known to the company and the other workers.

How We Work

Homework, Homework. Homework!

When we meet I don't carry a contract with me....ever.  We talk about what you want.  What we don't discuss is your budget.  NEVER reveal your budget to anyone until they offer a written proposal with their cost..  Plan on between an hour to an hour and a half with me...that's how long it takes on average.  Even the smallest job has a lot of details to discuss. I always meet with a client personally…I never use a sales rep. When we're done discussing (the meeting, the research and follow-up texts, emails & phone calls), you'll have a written detailed proposal in your email within 5 days.  The 'research' is to be sure that you can build what you want without issue with town code and zoning rules.

Real Estate Development

If you’re a professional developer you know how difficult it can be to obtain consistent results and acquire dependable sub-contractors. Unskilled workers and unreliable trades-people represent a never ending source of scheduling and quality-of-workmanship issues.
Developers who do not have a reputable GC behind them often lose more than the money they saved in trying to run the project themselves.
The inspection problems, extended time to completion/sale of the property, and the lack of knowledge and expertise, typically translate into losses much higher than the money saved by cost-cutting on the construction and site mgmt. Sub-Contractors require constant supervision and coordination to avoid major mistakes. Let us show you how you can bring your projects in faster, better and more profitable.